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Welcome to Languages Abroad!

Languages Abroad is one of the largest network of language schools in the world with over 25 years of experience.

Our language programs are offered in 90 destinations, 35 countries and 19 languages. 

Tailor-made programs for teenagers, adults (18+) and 50+, along with a wide-range of specialized courses that combine personal interests with language instruction. 

Students from over 90 countries and over 60 cultural backgrounds. 

Our Most Popular Languages:

The official language of romance. Learn French where it originated in France, or visit other French-speaking nations like Canada, Monaco, Morocco or Switzerland. 

Perhaps the world's most eloquent language, Languages Abroad offers Italian courses in the country's most magnificent locations including Capo Vaticano, Florence, Rome and Taormina. 

Another language of romance, Spanish is the third most studied language in the world. Study Spanish in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Argentina or Ecuador. 

Study one of the most recognized languages in Asia! With over 80 million speakers worldwide, Korean is gaining momentum of a global scale. Study Korean with Languages Abroad in Seoul. 

German is the official language of six different countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Study one of Europe's most influential languages with us today!

Learn the world's most widely spoken language in 1 of 5 countries! Discover the beauty of Australia, Canada, England, Malta or the USA as you continue to build your English skills!

Our Live & Learn Homestay programs place students directly into the home of a private language instructor. 

The Language Traveller program is designed for the student who wants to see multiple places on one trip. Study three languages in three stunning cities! 

Language Activity Holidays combine language instruction with a wide-range of fun activities. Learn Spanish in Mexico and Scuba Dive with professional divers every day or Learn Italian while you learn the secrets of one of the world's most iconic cuisines! 

Our specialized Summer Teenager Programs are designed for students aged 13-17 who want to try something new for the summer! See new exciting places while learning a new language!